venerdì 15 marzo 2013

Tip: Reverse Engineering in Oracle Data Modeler

I am currently building a Data Warehouse using OWB as integration tool. I have almost finished and now comes what I like the less about my job... documentation!
During the development process, you usually create a number of staging tables. Oracle Data Modeler allows you to import tables from a schema. This way it is much easier writing down your documentation and you also have a visual presentation ready to use.
Let's go through the reverse engineering process:
1) Go to File -> Import -> Data Dictionary

2) Add a new connection if you haven't set up any yet

3) Select your Schema/Database

Personally I find the filter option pretty useful for retrieving quickly the Schema you are looking for.

4) Select the objects you want to import

5) Click on Finish

If everything goes ok, you have your Model imported in Oracle Data Modeler and you can export images of your diagrams or generate your DDL code to attach to your documentation.  

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