lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Oracle Tip: Exception getObjectName("R", "OBI_EXEC_SESS_<$=Y$>", "D")

When running OBIA Load Plan, today I got into the following error when running SIL_DomainGeneral_CM_Source_Load scenario: ODI-17517: Error during task interpretation.
 Task: 6
java.lang.Exception: The application script threw an exception: Exception getObjectName("R", "OBI_EXEC_SESS_<$=Y$>", "D") :  BSF info: Run Alter Session Commands-SRC (DB Link) at line: 0 column: columnNo

The solution to this error is given in Doc ID 1948605.1 from Oracle Support.
You should connect to ODI Physical Architecture in ODI Topology and check that BIAPPS_BIACOMP has got a Default Schema defined (and that connectivity is in place). If there is no Physical Schema defined, then check the option. 


If this does not solve the problem, check BIAPPS DWH Physical Connection. Make sure that at least one of the physical schemas is marked as Default Schema.

Somehow during migration activities, we lost the selection on one of them.