martedì 8 ottobre 2013

Oracle Tip: Changing ODI 11g Database IP address

Yesterday we had an issue with a customer. Overnight they had changed the IP address of the database where ODI is installed.
To make everything work again, we had to:
1) Change Master Repository IP address
On login, choose the Edit Connection Option and change JDBC connection to the Master Repository. Test it and then login to the Master Repository only.

2) Change Work Repository IP address 
This was the trickiest part of the job because the option for editing the Work Repository connection string is not that easy to find in ODI 11g.
When you locate the Work Repository and you click on it, it will appear all greyed out and it seems there is no way to edit it until you spot a small icon on the upper left side.

This will allow you to edit the JDBC URL.

3) Change any Oracle Database Connection in the Topology 
Remember to change any Oracle Database Connection that refers to the database for which the IP address has changed

4) Change Agent IP address
If any agent has been installed on the server that has undergone the IP change, change Agent host details.

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