giovedì 25 luglio 2013

Oracle Tip: OWB Workspace Installation Error

I am starting a new project and I need to use Oracle Warehouse Builder. I have been given a 64bit Windows machine. A 32 bit version of OWB had already been installed, but when I tried to run it I got the following error:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018). 
After asking Google and Oracle Forums for explainations, I realized I had to download and install  OWB 11 for Microsoft Windows 64-bit (
I have downloaded it and I installed it. I needed to create a new Workspace, but after a few steps, I got the error:

The Warehouse Builder workspace owner installation failed on user OWBSYS. ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: java.sql.SQLException: OWBSYS is not granted access to <OWB_HOME>\ Please run UnifiedRepos/reset_owbcc_home.sql

What is that? I have discovered that since the new installation was forced to be on a different PATH from the original, the OWBSYS user did not have access to the .properties file and installation could not go further.
So, I did what suggestes. I have located the set_owbcc_home.sql script and I run it as SYSTEM.

This is the script output:

SQL> @reset_owbcc_home.sql
Enter the full path of the Oracle home for the OWB Control Center install.
If you are installing in a Windows environment, please ensure that the case of t
he path exactly matches the Oracle install path including the drive letter.

OWB Control Center Home:

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The script asked me for the Oracle Warehouse Builder path, as shown.

I then retried the Workspace creation and it worked fine.

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